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ECU remapping


ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a car computer which controls car engine performance and monitors systems using software developed by car manufacturer. ECU software configurations must comply with restrictions in law, different fuel quality, climate and other required settings.

In our workshop we can remap your car ECU according to your needs.


DPF/FAP removal 


DPF/FAP (Diesel Particular Filter) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. This system is a complicated complex of components which work together to regenerate harmful ashes created by diesel engine.

Particular filter can become clouded and cannot regenerate due to malfunctioning electric or mechanical part of system or a driving conditions (driving short distances, low fuel on tank etc.).

In general a garages offering to clean particular filter (manually remove blocked ashes out of filter) however it's not always solve a problem for long time. 

We can remap engine ECU and remove DPF/FAP system out your car configuration.

Removed DPF/FAP system will not affect you NCT/DOE test result.


EGR removal 


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This system works by recirculating a portion of petrol or diesel engines exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. Unit has a valve moved by electric motor and controlled by engine ECU. When it's become malfunctioning engine ECU protects engine by reducing the power or turning it to the limp mode. If the engine ECU has an active DTC relating EGR malfunctioning system can't regenerate until error is erased even there is no visible symptoms of it the DPF (diesel partial filter).

In some cases EGR valve needs to be blanket with a steel plate.

We can remap engine ECU and remove EGR system out of your car configuration.

Removed EGR system on diesel engine will not affect your NCT/DOE test result. 



Performance tuning.


Performance tuning (Chip Tuning) can be achieved by reprogramming engine ECU software from original written by car manufacturer to modify to achieve superior performance.

We can tune your Diesel engine ECU to increase power, torque so It will react quickly and more precisely to your demands.