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It is possible for your vehicle to indicate air bag fault/error warning without being actually involved in road traffic collision. Finding the root cause of the warning is only possible by use of professional diagnostic tools that can read fault/error codes in the system. After careful assessment our technicians can fix/replace required components and clear the fault or error codes from your airbag module. Once everything is correctly done the airbags light warning will turn off and your airbag system will operate properly again.




If your vehicle has been involved in a car accident then the vehicle crash data is stored in the airbag module (ECU). We can remove this crash data from your airbag module so you could re-use it as a new. All other data is left intact, therefore, in most cases you will be able to use the airbag module in the original vehicle without recoding. Once all blown/deployed safety components are replaced (airbags, seatbelts, etc.) you can install the airbag module to restore full system functionality.


Remember that dealerships cannot clear this crash data with conventional diagnostic tools. They can only suggest you to buy a new airbag module, which is very expensive. We can save you money on vehicle repair bill.




If the airbag/SRS warning light is always on or keeps flashing then there might be a problem with your airbag system. This can pose serious danger to vehicle occupants as there is a serious risk for airbag system not to operate in case of collision. With the new NCT changes your vehicle will fail an NCT if the airbag light doesn’t work in the correct fashion.


The airbag light can come on for many reasons: 


• Car accident

• Disconnected or drained car battery

• Attempted jump starting

• Removed fuse

• Corroded wires, connectors, etc.


Please note, that even a moderate bump or side impact can store crash data in the airbag module and even if your airbags have not deployed they are now effectively switched.