EZS EIS (electronic ignition Switch) is part of immobilizer system used by Mercedes.

It is operate by decoding digital rolling code from inserted key cart to allow car to get started. Ignition switch containing mechanical and electronic components which can get faulty in warriors occasions.


1.Key does not turn.

2.Key does not turn in cold weather.

3.Key turns but no ignition lights on the instrument cluster.

4.Intermittent ignition lock faults


If you have a similar symptoms of your Ignition switch we can help to solve the problem.
In our workshop we can test, rebuild and reprogram your faulty Mercedes EZS EIS unit or key and return you back on road in low cost solution.

Supported Mercedes models:

W202 W203 W208 W209 W210 W211 W215 W220 W203 W639 W906

We also can replace a plastic key case which often crack on buttons and as result of this electronic components can become loose or damaged by dirt or moister.

If you are unable to bring your faulty unit to our work shop you can post it to us and we will fix it and return in quickest time.