Sometimes it is not always necessary to replace the entire instrument cluster if you want to convert your odometer units. We can convert your old digital odometer readings from MPH to Km/h or vice versa. You only have to decide which units you prefer to use: imperial (miles, gallons) or metric (kilometers, liters). After a coding your instrument cluster will display desired units for the odometer, fuel consumption, trip distance, etc. We can also replace dials for your instrument cluster.

Mercedes S class CL 2006-2008



Maserrati Quattroporte,Gran Turismo,Grand Cabrio  KM to Miles conversion.




Instrument cluster repair services available for most cars,vans and motorbikes.We can repair failing gauges,faulty LCD displays,power failure, communication,etc.In the case of complete replacement of faulty unit we can transfer all configuration data and odometer reading to new or second hand cluster.

Opel insignia lines on the display often after battery discharge .

Audi TT. Most common problem is faulty fuel gauge, central display,etc.

Ford Focus. Intermittent immobilizer problem, lights stays on, complete power failure.

Ford Mondeo, Galaxy lights stays on, gauges stop working